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Please send specific casting suggestions by email, attaching your CV and photo (CV in Word or pdf formats only, please, and any separate photos as jpgs). We will view and consider these and make audition lists from them. Please do not send us any more hard copies of your CV or photo.   They waste your (and the planet’s) resources and are harder for us to handle at the busiest times. Email only! Please put your name in the subject bar for our quick reference. Single photo-CVs, or active Spotlight links, make the process even more efficient! Please don’t send show-reels. As a rule, please don’t suggest yourself for a part you have already played, certainly not if it is very recently.

Please email direct to our Executive Director, Morag Massey:
Please do not ask us to acknowledge submissions (but be assured we will read them) or to supply casting breakdowns. The casting period is an exceptionally busy time and we regret we do not have time to give feedback.   Thank you.

We cast from across the UK, but are keen to use locally-based talent and are always pleased to hear from actors who have relocated to Bristol and the West Country.

Image: Matthew Thomas and David Collins in The Comedy of Errors. Photo by Farrows Creative.


We are very interested to hear your CDs/view your portfolios. Please understand that the opportunities we have to offer are very few indeed, particularly as we have found it very productive to explore partnerships with both composers and designers over a number of seasons. So change is slow, but it does happen!


Image: Romeo & Juliet. Design by Emma Bailey. Music by Tom Mills.              Photo by Farrows Creative.


Every year we look for a complete team of Production Manager, CSM, DSM and ASM. Or something approximating to that. We are actually flexible about the structure of the team and very prepared to vary it according to the strengths of those involved. There is, of course, some continuity from season to season – which is extremely valuable – but the demand for good Stage Management in the world at large means that one or more opportunities to work for stf tend to come up every year.


Image: Behind the scenes of Romeo and Juliet. Photo by Craig Fuller.


We are an unsubsidised charity with very limited financial means, which impacts directly on the fees we can offer. However, we make progress. In our first season in 2000 we paid a flat company wage of £150 pw, which a profit-share arrangement (we were not then a charity) brought up to £185. By 2009 this had improved to £420, before increasing to £480.00 –  in accord with actors’ and stage managers’ new NI status. We work to our own ‘house’ rules, which reflect most of the non-financial conditions of Equity contracts.

Travel and subsistence
Please note that we currently offer a subsistence amount to actors outside of Bristol (a 30 mile radius). When we go out on tour there is a subsistence contribution towards expenses.


Image: Behind the scenes of Romeo & Juliet. Photo by Craig Fuller.


Please note that we currently offer a subsistence amount to actors outside of Bristol (a 30 mile radius) .When we go out on tour in May/June there will be a contribution towards expenses.


Image: Lucy Black in Much Ado About Nothing. Photo by Graham Burke.