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Shakespeare at the Tobacco Factory stf 2016 Season co-production with Tobacco Factory Theatres

Book Online at Tobacco Factory Theatres
Telephone Box Office: 0117 902 0344

Directed by Andrew Hilton
Thu 11 Feb – Sat 26 March 2016
In repertoire with All’s Well That Ends Well, Mon 25 – Wed 27 April; Sat 30 April
Tour 3 May – 25 June

The most famous play in world drama, Hamlet turns a new face to every decade. So many elements – realpolitik, madness, sex, murder – all brought together in a drama that is both a thriller and the profoundest meditation on our human condition.

Production Images by Mark Douet


Christopher Bianchi  Ghost & 1st Player
Ian Barritt  Polonius
Alan Coveney  Horatio
Paul Currier  Claudius
Craig Fuller  Guildenstern
Marc Geoffrey Francisco, Reynaldo & Osric
Nicky Goldie  Sexton & Gentlewoman
Julia Hills  Gertrude
Joel Macey  Rosencrantz
Alan Mahon  Hamlet
Isabella Marshall  Ophelia
Callum McIntyre  Laertes & Player
John Sandeman  Marcellus & Priest
Laurence Varda  Barnardo, Player & Fortinbras
Eleanor Yates  Player & Gentlewoman

Director  Andrew Hilton
Assistant Director Peter Chicken (University of Bristol attachment)
Set & Costume Designer  Max Johns
Assistant Designer Mae-Li Evans (University of Bristol attachment)
Costume Supervisor  Jane Tooze
Fight Director  John Sandeman
Composer & Sound Designer  Elizabeth Purnell
Lighting Designer  Matthew Graham

Production Manager  Nic Prior
Company & Stage Manager  Jennifer Hunter
Deputy Stage Manager  Cassie Harrison
Assistant Stage Manager  Charlie Smalley


★★★★ Bristol Post 4 Stars
‘This eminently watchable production was once again of the highest order.’
Gerry Parker

★★★★Stage Talk Magazine 4 Stars
‘It is an ‘anniversary’ production in Elizabethan costume which does not try to be clever in some clumsily relevant way and gives instead as clear an exegesis as one could hope. He has given us that rare beast these days, an actor’s production that leans on the text rather than novel interpretation. His Hamlet (Alan Mahon) is cast to match.’
Graham Wyles

★★★★ Intermission Bristol 4 Stars 
‘Shakespeare at the Tobacco Factory’s Hamlet is rich, compelling and well worth a watch.’
Luke Brady

★★★ The Arts Desk 3 Stars
‘Alan Mahon’s Hamlet in Andrew Hilton’s production for Shakespeare at the Tobacco Factory bristles with teen spirit..’
Mark Kidell

Bristol 247
‘Andrew Hilton has found a preternatural Hamlet. Mahon gives an amazingly visceral sense of Hamlet’s febrile youth, his passion, his alternating moments of young manly swagger, intellectual arrogance, grief and gloom.’
‘It’s difficult to imagine this being done better.’
Steve Wright

Visit Bristol
‘what an exceptional production…..this [is] solid gold’
Wendy Johnson

Reviews Hub
‘Shakespeare’s words are exquisitely measured by the stf ensemble;
Claire Thinking

★★★ What’s On Stage 3 Stars
‘The storytelling is as crystalline as we have come to expect from Shakespeare at the Tobacco Factory.’
Kris Hallett

Theatre World Internet Magazine
‘delivered with a freshness and well thought through clarity’
Richard Jones

2016 will mark 400 years since William Shakespeare died in 1616. In this co-production season by Shakespeare at the Tobacco Factory and Tobacco Factory Theatres, we mark it with our second production of his most famous play, Hamlet, alongside the lesser known All’s Well That Ends Well. The two plays will be performed by a single cast of 15 actors, and will tour the UK together after the Bristol season. Following our visit to Neuss International Shakespeare Festival with Romeo and Juliet this year, the company will perform Hamlet at the Craiova International Shakespeare Festival in Romania in 2016.

Alan Mahon is an exciting young Irish actor, who trained at the Lir Academy and was recently seen as Edgar in KING LEAR in Dublin. He joins stf for the first time to play the title role in HAMLET and Charles Dumain in ALL’S WELL THE ENDS WELL.

Isabella Marshall (Ophelia and Diana in All’s Well), also new to the company, trained at the Welsh College, and will join the company straight from Sally Cookson’s acclaimed production of CINDERELLA in Birmingham

Joel Macey and Laurence Varda join the company as new graduates from the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School

The 2016 season sees the welcome return to the company of Christopher Bianchi, Ian Barritt, Alan Coveney, Paul Currier, Craig Fuller, Nicky Goldie, Julia Hills, Callum McIntyre, Marc Geoffrey, John Sandeman and Eleanor Yates

Designer Max Johns will the join the company for the first time as Set & Costume Designer.
With Matthew Graham returning as Lighting Designer, Elizabeth Purnell as Composer & Sound Designer and John Sandeman as Fight Director.

Alan Mahon cast as Hamlet

Isabella Marshall BW
Isabella Marshall cast as Ophelia

Paul Currier BW
Paul Currier cast as Claudius


To Book Tickets
0117 902 0344

All evening shows start at 7.30pm except for Tuesday 16 Feb 7.00pm / Tuesday 05 April 7.00pm

Mondays                                         £19
Tuesdays                                         £19
Wednesdays                                   £21
Thursdays                                       £21
Fridays                                            £24
Saturdays mat(2.00pm)                £18
Saturdays eve                                 £24

Preview Ticket Offers
all tickets £16 on Thu 11 – Mon 15 Feb 7.30pm
Midweek Matinees 2.00pm Thursdays 25 Feb; 03 and 10 March
(Tickets: School, College and University groups £12, General Public £18)

One free ticket with every ten booked (i.e. a group of 11 for the price of 10)
Children under 15: all matinees £12
All unsold tickets £10 to students on the day of the performance


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Watch a rehearsal film of Hamlet.

Film by Camilla Adams.

Remarkable Bristol company perform the most famous play in world theatre

Natalie Banyard, THE BRISTOL POST. Read the full article here.

Rehearsal Images by Craig Fuller

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