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What Would Shakespeare Do?

What Would Shakespeare Do? Shakespeare at the Tobacco Factory's (stf's) new Podcast series will include contributions from audiences, actors, company members and the creative teams we work with. Each series will cover a variety of topics, sharing readings from Shakespeare’s plays and including a range of music and soundscapes.

‘What Would Shakespeare Do. . . In A Pandemic?’ The first series, recorded during lockdown between January and March 2021, looks at how our audiences and artists have been, and continue to be, affected by Covid-19.

Podcasts by Chris Donnelly, Luke Grant, Amy Rockson and Heather Williams. Studio production, sound design and additional music by Chris Warner.

With thanks to all of our wonderful contributors.

The Podcast theme tune 'All The World..' is composed by Chris Warner and includes the voices of Eva Ennals, Susanne Frank, Harry Irvine, Jenny Szewiel, with thanks to Sing Out Bristol and Gurt Lush Choir.

Image Design Craig Fuller

Hopes and Dreams by Heather Williams

9th April 2021 | 31 minutes | Latest Episode

EPISODE ONE: Hopes and Dreams - Associate Artist Heather Williams explores why our dreams have been more intense during the Pandemic.