stf Theatre | Romeo and Juliet
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Romeo and Juliet


Romeo and Juliet

Directed by Polina Kalinina

A co-production with Tobacco Factory Theatres
Toured the UK and Germany 11th May – 27th June 2015

Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham
13th – 16th May
The Dukes, Lancaster
19th – 23rd May
Neuss Globe Shakespeare Festival, Germany
28th – 31st May
Theatre Royal, Winchester
2nd – 6th June
Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough
9th – 13th June
Derby Theatre
16th – 20th June
Salisbury Playhouse
23rd – 27th June

2015 marked the third and final year of support from the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation to establish an annual touring circuit 2013-2015.


★★★★ The Guardian 4 Stars ‘The kids are taking over the theatre company Shakespeare at the Tobacco Factory. Not only is a young guest director, Polina Kalinina, in charge for only the second time in stf’s history, this much-told fable about the battle between youth and age is given a revamp that will make anyone over the age of 25 worry about being past it….Thrilling work’

★★★★What’s On Stage 4 Stars ‘With its ‘star is born’ central turn and youthful vitality to burn this Romeo and Juliet is a bullseye for Shakespeare at the Tobacco Factory.’
BY Kris Halett

★★★★★ Exeunt Magazine 5 Stars ‘The decision to fully embrace and perform Romeo and Juliet as a teenager’s play is at the heart of why Shakespeare and the Tobacco Factory’s latest performance is so majestically good.’
By Rosemary Waugh

★★★★The Public Reviews 4 Stars  ‘Striking production….something memorable’
By Claire Hayes

★★★★365 Bristol 4 Stars ‘I urge you to go and see this masterful production.’
By Grace Fox

★★★★ Stage Talk Magazine – 4 Stars ‘The production sings with originality and leaves us in patient expectation to see what comes next from all concerned.’
by Graham Wyles

Bristol 24/7 ‘This is a Romeo and Juliet filled not with sighings and swoonings but with grunts and roars: passionate, full of vivid emotion, shot through with the (blood)lust of youth.’
By Steve Wright

★★★★Intermission magazine 4 Stars ‘With strong acting from the start, a cracking psychedelic-rock soundtrack, and onstage bust-ups to keep you on edge for hours, this production is definitely one to pay a visit to this spring.’
By Julia Pritchard

★★★★Plays To See 4 Stars  ‘These actors have clearly been directed to abandon themselves to the characters they play.’
By Emily Derbyshire

Reviews Gate ‘
A striking production with, for once, a Romeo who deserves his Juliet.’
By Timothy Ramsden

Gloucester Gazette ‘If you go to see one single play this year, make it stf’s Romeo and Juliet. You won’t be disappointed.’
By Jayne Bennett

Theatreworld Internet Magazine ‘This was a production and a casting that Andrew Hilton can be proud of, seeing his company progress to maturity and succeed without his direct hands-on intervention in marching into the future.’
By Richard Jones

Daily Echo dramatic fight scenes, exciting choreography