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Tartuffe Reviews and Audience feedback

Tartuffe our co-production with Tobacco Factory Theatres has received brilliant reviews and audience feedback:

★★★★ Stage Talk Magazine ‘An adaptation that treats Molière’s 17th century comedy with great respect, yet which seems as fresh and immediate as today’s news.’ Mike Whitton

★★★★ The Reviews Hub ‘a rip-roaring night of comedy…’ Kris Hallett

★★★ The Stage ‘A rollicking attack on gullibility among the upper crust’ Jeremy Brien

On The Beat ‘sharp satire with lots of laughter as well as careful socio-political commentary. With brilliant writing and a fantastic cast, it is undoubtedly a success.’ Polly Hember

Exeunt Magazine ‘Making politicians look silly always feels relevant’ Rosemary Waugh

Gloucester Gazette ‘The cast is unsurprisingly outstanding’ Jayne Bennett

B24/7 ‘Entertaining, touching and makes you laugh a lot’ Toby O’Connor Morse

British Theatre Guide ‘The script, written mostly in verse, sounds natural, maintains a rhythmic momentum throughout and sparkles with wit’ Colin Davison

Weston-Super-Mum ‘Good stories stand the test of time and this one is no exception. some truly laugh out loud moments…’ Becky Condron


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